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To Search, Find, and Connect with anyone anywhere, at any time.

PeopleAndNames.com database contains contact information with over one billion records for people and businesses in the United States and Canada. The data has been collected over time and various sources have been used as the data is constantly updating. This is what makes us leading data supplier. We are the DaaS (data as a service) choice for many businesses and individuals that are looking for detailed information about anyone and/or any business simply by using just a phone number to search.

PeopleAndNames' goal is to help you connect with anyone anywhere by using our reverse phone lookup service. Our data base contains information on virtually any adult within US and Canada. The reason behind PeopleAndNames is that we often needed to search people during our real-estate business and we found other provides’ information poor and incomplete. This is why we made something a lot better, by collecting all these pone records, we created PeopleAndNames.com, for everyone out there who suffers to find complete information to do their business, or to simply find an old friend, a relative, a loved one, a classmate. This is what we are: We are awesome but only make us great and we say thank you, because you make us better by using our reverse phone lookup and spreading the word of our great service.


Any phone number you would like by using our reverse phone number look up service.


Their complete contact information along with their address, city, state, age, gender and more.


With them right away with the data provided by us.